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Y. Li; S. Arnold; S. Husmann; V. Presser

Recycling and second life of MXene electrodes for Lithium-ion batteries and Sodium-ion batteries Journal Article

In: Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 60, pp. 106625, 2023.

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J. Torres-Rodríguez; S. N. Myakala; M. Salihovic; M. Musso; N. Hüsing; D. Eder; V. Presser; A. Cherevan; M. S. Elsaesser

Titania hybrid carbon spherogels for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution Journal Article

In: Carbon , vol. 202, iss. 1, pp. 487-494, 2023.

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D. Ahn; S. Kim; P. Ren; V. Presser; C. Kim

Redox flow desalination for tetramethylammonium hydroxide removal and recovery from semiconductor wastewater Journal Article

In: Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry , vol. 118, pp. 147-154, 2023.

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Journal Articles


S. Arnold L. Wang V. Presser

Dual-use of seawater batteries for energy storage and water desalination Journal Article

In: Small , vol. 18, no. 43, pp. e2107913, 2022.

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H. Hübner; B.-J. Niebuur; T. Büttner; M. Koch; B. Stühn; T. Kraus; D. Scheschkewitz; M. Gallei

Self-assembly of amphiphilic carbosilane-based block copolymers in organic media and structure formation in colloidal confinement Journal Article

In: Macromolecules, vol. 55, iss. 21, pp. 9442-9451, 2022.

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B. Bornamehr; V. Presser; S. Husmann

Mixed Cu-Fe sulfides derived from polydopamine-coated Prussian blue analogue as Lithium-ion battery electrode Journal Article

In: ACS Omega, vol. 7, no. 43, pp. 38674-38685, 2022.

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Z. Zhang; Q. Xia; Y. Chen; X. Pan; E. Pameté; Y. Zhang; V. Presser; Q. Abbas; X. Chen

Ni film decorated on Au-Ag alloy line to enhance graphene/cobalt hydroxide electrodes for micro-supercapacitors Journal Article

In: Electrochimica Acta, vol. 433, no. 1, pp. 141247, 2022.

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L. Wang; S. Arnold; P. Ren; Q. Wang; J. Jin; Z. Wen; V. Presser

Redox flow battery for continuous and energy-effective lithium recovery from aqueous solution Journal Article

In: ACS Energy Letters, vol. 7, iss. 10, pp. 3539-3544, 2022.

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J. Wang; S. L. Dreyer; K. Wang; Z. Ding; T. Diemant; G. Karkera; Y. Ma; A. Sarkar; B. Zhou; M. V. Gorbunov; A. Omar; D. Mikhailova; V. Presser; M. Fichtner; H. Hahn; T. Brezesinski; B. Breitung; Q. Wang

P2-type layered high-entropy oxides as sodium-ion cathode materials Journal Article

In: Materials Futures, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 035104, 2022.

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Y. Zhang; P. Ren; L. Wang; E. Pamete; S. Husmann; V. Presser

Selectivity toward heavier monovalent cations of carbon ultramicropores used for capacitive deionization Journal Article

In: Desalination, vol. 542, iss. 1, pp. 116053, 2022.

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J. Buescher; T. John; A. K. Boehm; L. Weber; S. M. Abdel-Hafez; C. Wagner; T. Kraus; M. Gallei; M. Schneider

A precise nanoparticle quantification approach using microfluidics and single-particle tracking Journal Article

In: Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, vol. 75, pp. 103579, 2022.

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S. Husmann; M. Besch; B. Ying; A. Tabassum; M. Naguib; V. Presser

Layered titanium niobium oxides derived from solid-solution Ti-Nb carbides (MXene) as anode material for Li-ion batteries Journal Article

In: S. Husmann and M. Besch and B. Ying and A. Tabassum and M. Naguib and V. Presser, vol. 5, iss. 7, pp. 8132-8142, 2022.

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L. Gemmer; Q.W. Hu; B.J. Niebuur; T. Kraus; B.N. Balzer; M. Gallei

A block copolymer templated approach for the preparation of nanoporous polymer structures and cellulose fiber hybrids by ozone treatment Journal Article

In: Polymer Chemistry, vol. 13, iss. 1, pp. 4028-4046, 2022.

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J. Hong; K.-H. Cho; V. Presser; X. Su

Recent advances in wastewater treatment using semiconductor photocatalysts Journal Article

In: Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, vol. 36, pp. 100644, 2022.

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G. Rosetta; M. Gunn; J.J. Tomes; M. Butters; J. Pieschel; F. Hartmann; M. Gallei; C.E. Finlayson

Transparent polymer opal thin films with intense UV structural color Journal Article

In: Molecules , vol. 27, iss. 12, pp. 3774, 2022.

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M. Briesenick; M. Gallei; G. Kickelbick

High-refractive-index polysiloxanes containing naphthyl and phenanthrenyl groups and their thermally cross-linked resins Journal Article

In: Macromolecules , vol. 55, iss. 11, pp. 4675-4691, 2022.

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L. Wang; M. Torkamanzadeh; A. Majed; Y. Zhang; Q. Wang; B. Breitung; G. Feng; M. Naguib; V. Presser

Time-dependent cation selectivity of titanium carbide MXene in aqueous solution Journal Article

In: Advanced Sustainable Systems, vol. 6, iss. 3, pp. 2100383, 2022.

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J. Zhou; Y. Zhang; M. Balda; V. Presser; F.-D. Kopinke; A. Georgi

Electro-assisted removal of polar and ionic organic compounds from water using activated carbon felts Journal Article

In: Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 433, iss. 1, pp. 133544, 2022.

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S. Fleischmann; Y. Zhang; X. Wang; P.T. Cummings; J. Wu; P. Simon; Y. Gogotsi; V. Presser; V. Augustyn

Continuous transition from double-layer to Faradaic charge storage in confined electrolytes Journal Article

In: vol. 7, iss. 3, pp. 222-228., 2022.

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Y. Zhang; P. Ren; Y. Liu; V. Presser

Particle size distribution influence on capacitive deionization: insights for electrode preparation Journal Article

In: Desalination , vol. 525, iss. 1, pp. 115503, 2022.

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H. Hübner; R. Candeago; D. Schmitt; A. Schießer; B. Xiong; M. Gallei; X. Su

Synthesis and covalent immobilization of redox-active metallopolymers for organic phase electrochemistry Journal Article

In: Polymer, vol. 244, iss. 1, pp. 124656, 2022.

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I. Obraztsov; A. Bakandritsos; V. Šedajová; R. Langer; P. Jakubec; G. Zoppellaro; M. Pykal; V. Presser; M. Otyepka; R. Zbořil

Graphene acid for lithium-ion batteries - carboxylation boosts storage capacity in graphene Journal Article

In: Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 12, iss. 5, pp. 2103010, 2022.

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Y. Zhang; C. Prehal; H. Jiang; Y. Liu; G. Feng; V. Presser

Ionophobicity of carbon sub-nanometer pores enables efficient desalination at high salinity Journal Article

In: Cell Reports Physical Science 3(1) (2022) 100689., vol. 3, iss. 1, pp. 100689, 2022.

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M. E. Suss; Y. Zhang; I. Atlas; Y. Gendel; E. B. Ruck; V. Presser

Emerging, hydrogen-driven electrochemical water purification Journal Article

In: Electrochemistry Communications , vol. 136, iss. 1, pp. 107211, 2022.

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F. V. Frieß; Q. Hu; J. Mayer; L. Gemmer; V. Presser; B. N. Balzer; M. Gallei

Nanoporous block copolymer membranes with enhanced solvent resistance via UV-mediated cross-linking strategies Journal Article

In: Macromolecular Rapid Communications , vol. 43, iss. 3, pp. e2100632, 2022.

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Masters Theses


W. Bellville

MXene synthesis in water-free media Masters Thesis

Saarland University, 2022.

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S. V. S. Chandrasekaran

Sustainable Li-ion battery electrode synthesis and processing: Carbon-coated metal sulfides derived from Prussian blue analogues Masters Thesis

Saarland University, 2022.

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Journal Articles


A. K. Boehm; S. Husmann; M. Besch; O. Janka; V. Presser; M. Gallei

Porous mixed-metal oxide Li-ion battery electrodes by shear-induced co-assembly of precursors and tailored polymer particles Journal Article

In: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13(51) (2021) 61166-61179., vol. 13, iss. 51, pp. 61166-61179, 2021.

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Q. Wang; L. Velasco; B. Breitung; V. Presser

High-entropy energy materials in the age of big data: A critical guide to next-generation synthesis and applications Journal Article

In: Advanced Energy Materials, vol. 11, iss. 47, pp. 2102355, 2021.

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M. Bitsch; A. K. Boehm; A. Grandjean; G. Jung; M. Gallei

Embedding photoacids into polymer opal structures: Synergistic effects on optical and stimuli-responsive features Journal Article

In: Molecules , vol. 26, iss. 23, pp. 7350, 2021.

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T. Winter; M. Bitsch; F. Müller; S. Voskian; T.A. Hatton; K. Jacobs; V. Presser; M. Gallei

Redox-responsive 2-aminoanthraquinone core-shell particles for structural colors and carbon capture Journal Article

In: ACS Applied Polymer Materials, vol. 3, iss. 9, pp. 4651-4660, 2021.

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Masters Theses


B. Bornamehr

Prussian blue derived metal sulfide / carbon hybrids for electrochemical energy storage Masters Thesis

Saarland University, 2021.

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